Product Review: Superior Small Batch “Hearty Burger”

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Have y’all Twin Ports folks heard about Superior Small Batch?  If not, I’m about to catch you up to speed.  Superior Small Batch is a local couple, Shane Dickey and Gail Francis, who retail a line of vegan meat substitutes that are both delicious and satisfying to veteran vegans and meat eaters alike!  So far I’ve sampled two of their products.  One is the “Brimson Bangers,” a seitan-based sausage analogue that is available as patties or crumbles, and the “Hearty Burger” their flavorsome and filling vegan veggie burger that also happens to be gluten and soy free.  Wow!

So I made one of their “Hearty Burgers” and it blew me away!  Owner, Shane, told me he concocted the “Hearty Burger” after feeling disappointed with commercial veggie burger brands.  He was looking for a vegan burger that would fill him up and taste great and be made with whole food ingredients.  Thus the “Hearty Burger – The Burger that Makes a Meal” was born.  Made with mushrooms, oats, chickpeas, brown rice, and walnuts the “Hearty Burger” has a rich, umami flavor and a toothsome, firm texture.  Now instead of eating several wimpy burgers, just one patty will do the trick.

To sum up:  I loved it!  I simply pan-fried the burger patty with a little olive oil until it was browned on both sides.  I also sprinkled a little water in the pan and steamed the patty with the lid on to ensure it was heated through and would stay moist. – I’m not sure if that step was necessary but it turned out well –  Then I placed the “Hearty Burger” on a toasted ciabatta roll and piled on my favorite burger toppings – onion, tomato, greens, and of course, lots of vegan mayo.


Not only was it easy to cook, but it was very tasty and could satisfy any guest at your next backyard grilling party.  I also think a grilled and cut up “Hearty Burger” would make a delicious addition to a salad or as a meat substitute in a Mid-West style potatoes and gravy affair.  I’m really looking forward to experimenting more with these burgers, especially because I can serve them to my gluten-free friends who often have trouble finding gluten-free meat substitutes.

You can order frozen “Hearty Burgers” or “Brimson Bangers” in five pound increments online at:

The Superior Small Batch website has all nutritional information for their products as well as a list of local businesses that retail their products.

Stay tuned for more product reviews and Fun Times with Vaagen’s Vegan Sauce!

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